Marble Industry

Marble Industry

High quality, natural building materials are more popular than ever. Flooring in prestigious admin buildings, airports, banks and insurance companies is laid with elegant looking marble or Granite.

Walls, ceilings and fronts of buildings are covered with expensive stone panels.

When processing marble - from the cutting to the final polishing stage - modern high performance machines are used. The majority of these machines rely on conveyor and processing belts that are on the one hand robust and on the other must be precise.

Siegling Transilon marble belts fulfill both these requirements.

Marble Industry

Siegling Transilon marble belts

  • have low elongation due to an SD value of 30 to 60 N/mm belt width, measured at 1% elongation at fitting
  • are robust because of their fabric structure guaranteeing smooth and continued processing
  • are dimensionally stable even with fluctuations in humidity and temperature
  • are laterally stiff - even wide belts lie flat
  • are antistatic - electrostatic build-up is avoided

Siegling Transilon marble belts with rubber coating (E 9861 types) are

  • particularly abrasion resistant and durable - have long service lives and high level of operational reliability
  • particularly accurate because of high level of drag - the stone panels do not slip even where water is present
  • and in the G-coated version up to 2,200 mm, belt width available without longitudinal seam.