Power Transmisson Belts

Heavy-duty Drives

Compared with other power-transmission products, Siegling Extremultus power-transmission belts stand apart because they offer a better level of efficiency (≥ 98 %), high level of synchronisation accuracy and are uncomplicated to handle.

They also offer the following exceptional characteristics:

  • consistent and reliable speed and long service lives;
  • short take-up ranges, low creep;
  • good damping capabilities;
  • superb durability and reliability up to a capacity of 1850 kW.
  • capability to handle bevel and cone drives easily.
Heavy-duty Drives

Siegling Extremultus power-transmission belts come in various designs:

  • the E line with a thermoplastic traction layer with polyester fabric (also truly endless);
  • the A line with a thermoplastic traction layer with a blended fabric with a high modulus and aramide warp (also truly endless);
  • the P line with a highly oriented polyamide sheet traction layer.

They are supplied as roll material, prepared for splicing or have already been spliced.

Power Transmisson Belt