Sustainable Conveyor Belts

The Green Innovation: Renewable, bio-degradable raw materials and less power consumption

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In Bio Belt products, petroleum-based feedstock and synthetic materials have been extensively replaced by renewable plantbased materials. Because they are bio-degradable at the end of their product life, these play a major role in complying with the “cradle-to-cradle” principle. With an additional, already patented, special coating on the underside (Amp Miser™) they achieve energy savings of up to 40 %.

The properties The advantages
made of renewable materials resource-efficient production
bio-degradable environmentally friendly disposal
patented, low-friction underside coating up to 40% energy savings during operation, low noise pollution
helps reduce carbon footprints supports your sustainability concept
physical properties equal conventional belts easy to substitute without modifying the conveyor
Sustainable Conveyor Belts

Modular Product Structure (Example)

  1. Top-face coating based on renewable materials, bio-degradable
  2. Tension member with a special weave made of cellulose fibres, bio-degradable
  3. Underside coating with particularly low friction coefficient
BioBelt Aufbau

The Bio Belt concept has a modular structure in order to tap into as wide a range of applications as possible. The belt’s component parts can be modified to suit the application to make it as sustainable as possible. If required renewable materials can be used that are not bio-degradable.

Product Lines

BioBelt™ – Product Lines

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Type Designation

Bio properties

BB = made of renewable raw materials (bio-based)
BD = bio-degradable
BBD = made of renewable raw materials + bio-degradable

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